What to do in Tenerife – Travel Guide

I was only in Tenerife for a few days, but the time I spent there was amazing. Went on a sailing half day charter to see pilot whales, explored several small beach …

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  1. First of all great video. I love the Canary Islands i hope one day i will live there. I have been to 4 of the islands, there all amazing, Tenerife is my favorite for the fact that has everything. It is an continent on one island how they say.

  2. My first time in Tenerife was round about four years ago my wife had been previously she came home and thirdly I found an amazing place, Tenerife I didn’t take your word for it I’m glad I dictate the first time I went I was gobsmacked the locals are so friendly and as you say the food is fantastic but the best for me is the local wines totally out of this world I’m also into hiking and backpackingTenerife will cover a vast amount of outdoor pursuits.

  3. Important to note is that about everything he talks about is the the North side of the island, where the true Tenerife life is and the beautiful local life and scenery is, the South face of the island is just desert with hotel resorts and pubs to get smashed.

  4. No point going somewhere if you cannot pronounce it properly eh? You say TEN ER IFAY…It's TEN ER EEF …Spelling like that just for pronunciation purposes. Even the local at the beginning knows how to say it. LOL Any how….that aside, I did Los Gigantes last year and this year I am doing Las Americas. Los Gigantes is quiet with it's own micro climate which is fantastic. Profile picture of me on the sun terrace of my hotel last year

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