Both hip and historic, Little Italy has evolved from a village of Italian tuna fishermen into one of the coolest neighborhoods in San Diego. SUBSCRIBE …


  1. Is san Diego is Spanish city name , don’t forgot in Svizzera is Italiano language speaker area of lucano, is (casino) 🎰 a Italian language name , what is different between Latino and sch language?

    Why Italian good at make shoe 👠 the French food at 👜 handbag and wine 🍷 the German good at engineering and computer technology and war/ conflict equipment as well ?

    Also SAN diago is support Democratic Party 🥳 of United state of America, (Hailey cooked huton) which opposite😰 Republican Party ( D John T group ?) of United state of America?

  2. Mi piace! 5 months in San Diego and I never had the chance to visit Little Italy. After watching your video I've decided to take my wife on a motorcycle (Streetglide) journey through San Diego.

  3. I just saw this video & I'm so happy that I found it. I will be in San Diego in September and I will definitely explore Little Italy. If you have more suggestions please let me know 😀 . Thanks. (Subscribed) 😀

  4. Yawn, boring city NY ,SF ,L.A SAN DIEGO IS BORING,unless your in the military looking to hook up with some easy mexican girls! their easy in san diego just go to any bar you can take home a mexican girl in less than 2 hours but move after cuz she will have her whole family living with you in matter of days….national city, chula vista,imperial beach you can hook up easy!!

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