[4K] 4 Days in Dubai. Must See Places on Your First Visit in Dubai – 2019 UAE

Check out my new video: DUBAI TOP 20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKhlBOUO5mk 2 Days in Bangkok …

26 thoughts on “[4K] 4 Days in Dubai. Must See Places on Your First Visit in Dubai – 2019 UAE”

  1. Love Dubai which is why I sell Dubai real estate. Its the safest country I have ever lived in as a Foreign British woman. Every tourist will love visiting it. "lucyjparker_ ( Insta)

  2. You can see the major Western Influence with various aspects of entertainment and architecture. Also Starbucks, American/Western restaurants, malls, Vegas-style hotels, etc. have managed to set a foot into this Arab Muslim nation.

  3. So kind of you for this amazing and extraordinary exceptional excellent fabulous magnificent marvelous remarkable stoning beautiful video of 4 day visit to Dubai,

    for which I am thankful to you and my standing ovation and a big hand of applause to all of you and your coordinators.

    God bless you.

  4. nice one, pls which hotels can u recommend for me like cheap good looking and comfortable with food and how much did u spend so far in that 4days both food,hotel Bill's,transportation in dollars pls reply it will be helpful to me plz thnks.

  5. I am lucky I can find all these attractions in Florida and it is less expensive to go to the Bahamas than Dubai to see the same things…Florida has so much to offer without the expensive tags…

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